Value Engineering?
What's that all about?

Value Engineering is a design thinking, function oriented, and stakeholder-inclusive approach to innovation and problem solving that can drive the improvement of your systems. All Systems satisfy functions; all functions require resources; Value Engineering can help you find the balance between Function and Resources. With some support from senior management and a multi-disciplinary team we can improve value delivered to your customers and your stakeholders. At ATINA Systems we believe in the ability to co-create value between stakeholders. We facilitate value studies across verticals with a spirit of objectivity, offering the preparation and leadership needed to get implementable results.

Who does VE? SAVE certified personnel. A Certified Value Specialist (CVS) will lead a team from conception to implementation using the Value Methodology. The best results are achieved by a multi-disciplinary team with experience and expertise relevant to the project being studied. A CVS usually leads the team to ensure that the implementation of the methodology and maximize benefits.

Since 2014, we have been motivated by an agenda of Value Co-creation with clients across domains. Our intent has always been to identify innovative solutions to resolve your pain-areas. We have a proven track record in helping different industries and organisations achieve significant improvements in their products and services.


Anita is the first Indian woman and the first Indian Civil Engineer to receive a CVS certification.

 SAVE Paper of the Year award - 2014
 SAVE Value Summit at San Diego, USA.

Soundaram Kannappan Award - 2013 from INVEST for spreading ValueMethodology in India


Anita Lukose

Anita is a recognized Value Engineering Professional and a Certified Value Specialist (CVS) certified by the Society of American Value Engineers (SAVE International) with over 3 decades of industrial exposure from design to implementation. Additionally, Ms Anita Lukose has completed a certified program in ‘Design Thinking for Innovation’ from the University of Virginia, USA. Anita was a member of the SAVE International Certification Board from 2015 to 2018. She was a member of the E06 Subcommittee on Building Economics (E06.81) which developed the ASTM standards for Value Engineering. Currently, she is a National Council member of INVEST and the Secretary of the South Zone Council of Indian Value Engineering Society (INVEST). Anita is the first Indian lady and the first Indian Civil Engineer to receive a CVS certification. Anita is also a Guest faculty in Value Engineering at Christ University where she takes an Elective course in Value Engineering.

Lukose P Abraham

Lukose P Abraham is a Mechanical Engineer and a Post Graduate in Business Administration.  He completed his VMA Certification in 2018 and has worked in a support function on several VE projects for clients. Lukose is based in Bangalore.

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